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Indian Head Massage

A truly wonderful, relaxing yet stimulating treatment. This is a gentle yet firm & powerful massage of the shoulders, neck, arms, scalp & face. The dry massage is carried out whilst you remain fully clothed & comfortably seated. Whilst relieving stress & tension, other benefits include a general feeling of well-being, calmness & relaxation. It may also help relieve or alleviate tension headaches, eye strain/eye problems, neck & shoulder stiffness, sinusitis/ congestion & hair loss/ thinning.

I trained at the London College of Indian Champissage with Mr Narendra Mehta and his wife, who was one of the first people to introduce Indian Head Massage to the west in the 1970's. He is a truly inspirational man and it was an honour to train with him.


Hopi Ear Candling

This ancient, pleasant, non-evasive treatment of the ears is used to treat a variety of conditions from hearing impairment caused by excessive wax build-up, tinnitus & glue ear to sinus congestion & headaches/migraines. These candles are also fantastic for anyone who suffers with their ears popping (when flying for example).

Crystal Therapy

A truly beautiful therapy harnessing the power and vibrations of crystals to stimulate, dissipate or balance energy disturbances in our energy system. A multitude of treatments are available, and following a personal consultation the right treatment will be chosen for you.


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